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Lily / White

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This polygonal storage companion is more than a work of art. Lily! gives you a simple way to store toys, a handy trash bin, and a fun way to start conversations with guests. At 1.3-gallons, she’s slightly smaller than Max – but just as practical. High-quality design at its core, Lily makes the perfect home decor accent that will attract attention and become the center of the conversation between children and adults alike.

Lily measures a proud 22” inches tall and is composed of long-lasting-resin and comes in white.  Lily’s inner cylinder storage bin can hold up to 1.3 gallons of volume.

- Color: White 

- 22 inches tall

- Fits a volume of 1.3 gallons

- Weight 13lbs

- Composed of long-lasting-resin

- PET barrel

- Non-scratch felt bottom

- Easy to open lid